KangLi Readies Smart Upgrade With 5G Technology

KangLi said the 5G upgrade will provide key technical support for the construction of a smart manufacturing system with full digitization.
Aug. 05, 2021 13:21
KangLi Readies Smart Upgrade With 5G Technology

KangLi International Holdings Ltd. (HKЕХ: 6890), a China-based midstream galvanized steel products manufacturer, is partnering with China Unicom in Changzhou to accelerate the application of 5G technology.

KangLi said the 5G upgrade will provide key technical support for the construction of a smart manufacturing system with full digitization.

The CEO of KangLi, Zhihong Zhang, told CapitalWatch that he is very excited about this partnership and believes, looking ahead, the 5G technology will lead to significant improvements. 

Some of the key improvements include:

1. Real-time scheduling of operations in the factory. 

The new smart manufacturing system enables real-time monitoring of all production lines. It can automatically detect production orders, material quality, and any equipment or human errors. That will allow staff to monitor production lines and respond quicker to any abnormal events.

2. Product information tracking and tracing. 

In the production process, identification technologies such as barcodes and QR code electronic tags are used to track and trace the flow of materials, semi-finished products, and finished products. After the update, new quality testing equipment will be installed to detect, alarm, and diagnose products. Each item can be traced back to its raw material and through every step of the production process.

3. Intelligent energy consumption and management system. 

KangLi plans to establish a dynamic monitoring and energy measurement system to record key data of water, electricity, and gas consumption. The system can analyze energy consumption data, identify high-energy-consuming equipment, and formulate reasonable energy consumption evaluation indicators. For high-energy production lines, an energy consumption prediction model should be established to optimize production scheduling, calculate energy costs accurately, and ultimately save energy. 

4. Digital control of equipment. 

Collect the voltage, current, temperature, speed, vibration, and other data of key production equipment in real time. When value exceeds the normal range, the new smart system will automatically alarm maintenance personnel to check the production lines. Thus, the new digitized system will improve equipment maintenance efficiency, reduce the skill requirements of maintenance personnel, and reduce labor costs.

Overall, powered by 5G, KangLi's new smart system can improve efficiency, save labor, and, most importantly, lower energy consumption. 

Earlier, KangLi said it has made a large investment in environmental protection, and the new exhaust gas treatment technology it has adopted can make the factory's emissions meet and even exceed the local government's emission control standards. At the same time, the company will establish an ISO50001 energy management system to improve the systematic level of energy management, as well as reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions. The company aims to fully comply and help to achieve Beijing's pivotal commitment of striving to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.

KangLi was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on November 19, 2018. Through its subsidiaries, KangLi makes and markets unpainted galvanized steel products and cold rolled steel products to midstream steel product processors for processing refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens. The company distributes its cold rolled steel products under the brand name of Jiangnan in both domestic and overseas markets.

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