Is Xiaomi's New Logo Worth 2 Million Yuan?

The new logo was designed by a known Japanese team and took three years to complete.
Benjamin WangApr 05,2021,20:38

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi (OTC: XIACY; HKEX: 1810) has recently revealed a new logo that was the butt of many jokes on social media.

The logo was designed by Kenya Hara, the chairman of NDC and Professor of Musashino Art University and took three years to complete. It is rendered in a "superellipse" contour, replacing the familiar "MI" square. The redesign cost the company 2 million yuan ($300,000), as reported by Caixin Global.

Kenya Hara said that the more technology evolves, the closer it gets to the form of life. Hara said his design integrates the thinking of Eastern philosophy.

The logo spurred jokes throughout the internet. Chinese netizens wrote, "I can design a logo like this," "Mr. Lei, please call the police."

Xiaomi's new logo also made a vision test chart.

However, some have expressed a more positive attitude of the new logo.

A graphic designer pointed out that “MI” can be more recognizable by adjusting the font proportion. The round logo is to cater to the future dynamic effect plane era, so it can be used in more situations.

A local design aesthetics blogger said that while it seems like a simple solution changing the right angle to a rounded corner, Kenya Hara can do it, but you can’t. "What Xiaomi bought is Hara Kenya’s reputation." Moreover, he said, looking at the effect of this decision, it is already worth the cost.

Xiaomi's official website has officially launched the new logo. However, in the eyes of many netizens, the changes in this new logo do not seem to be as big as the designer interpretation.

Instead of changing the image, Xiaomi just added a line of code to the original logo: "border-radius: 19px;", the command for a rounded rectangle. Some netizens joked, suggesting that Lei dismiss the programmer or the 2 million yuan would be wasted.

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