Foldable iPhone to Lure Samsung, Motorola Fans?

Like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, Motorola’s Razr, and others, a foldable iPhone will be more portable.
Benjamin WangFeb 15,2021,18:46

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) has begun designing a foldable iPhone to compete with Samsung, Motorola (NYSE: MSI), and others.

The development of the foldable iPhone has not expanded beyond the screen, as reported by Reuters. Like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, Motorola’s Razr restart, and other products offered by Chinese companies, a folded iPhone will be reduced in length and thus have enhanced portability.

According to Jon Prosser, known for Apple leaks, the new iPhone will fold internally and will be official in 2023 at the earliest.

Prosser added that Apple is currently considering some folding screen-related technologies. The foldable Apple screen is under test, similar to Samsung's foldable screen. The Apple screen is designed to have a barely visible hinge.

This will be a fundamental change for the company. But, the foldable iPhone is expected to take more time for development. The company is currently focusing on launching its next-generation iPhone and iPad later this year.

Affected by Covid-19, hardware engineers of Apple have limited time working in Silicon Valley each week, which complicates product development. Apple does not plan to make major changes in this year’s iPhone series, Reuters said. Engineers in the company are considering calling the next-generation iPhone another "S" version of the device, which is usually the name of the new iPhone that has been slightly upgraded.

Shares of Apple closed up 24 cents on Friday, at $135.37 apiece. On Monday, U.S. capital markets are closed in observance of the holiday.

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