Bilibili Boycotted by Female Brands

Bilibili made an announcement to launch a special rectification action for the Spring Festival.
Benjamin WangFeb 10,2021,22:44

LexBurner, the media creator of Bilibili (Nasdaq: BILI), expressed criticism of Japanese anime “Mushoku Tensei" for insulting and discriminating against women last week. The controversy over this media creator and the anime have been raging on social media platforms.

On Monday, Bilibili announced the ban on LexBurner’s account and live streaming rights, and issued an announcement of punishments for violations and breaches of the rules and breaches of LexBurner. The announcement aroused the dissatisfaction of some netizens. These netizens said that there were problems from Bilibili on the review of import animes and comments on its platform.

"Bilibili was ban by some brands" is the top trending on Weibo today. The brands that provide products for women posted announcements that they firmly oppose and resist any form of insulting behavior and remarks against any woman. Additionally, they said the cooperation with Bilibili will be terminated immediately.

Bilibili announced it will launch a special rectification action for the Spring Festival. The company said they will not disrespect any users.

Bilibili is a popular stock in the past year. It not only caught the attention of the short videos market but also announced the news of the second listing in Hong Kong. The stock price has increased from $20 from the beginning of 2020 to $156 currently.

Shares of Bilibili closed at $156.37, up 11.6%.

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