2020 Top 50 Most Influential Founders | List Released by iAsk

Who are the founders that defined 2020?
iAskJan 05,2021,13:28

Defining a great era starts with recording founders of the era

In order to find and record founders of the times who define a better future, iAsk acts as the initiator and will host the 2020 Global Founders Summit and Influencers List Release Ceremony on January 8, 2021. The summit features the theme of “Foreseeing the Future, Keeping Uplifting and Benevolent”, for the founders to discuss value innovation and future trends together. We have confirmed with the Global Founders Financial Services Alliance and the Global Founders Communication Services Alliance to release the list of the top 50 of the most influential founders in 2020.

Since its establishment in 2014, iAsk has been a service provider devoted to interviewing and serving founders of the times. It has recorded nearly 2,000 leaders for six consecutive years, and established a full-media digital profile for each interviewee in the form of high-quality videos, images, texts, audios and others. Up to now, iAsk has reached 3 billion-odd audience via the media matrix of all platforms, including TV stations, high-end magazines, audio platforms, online videos, OTT screens, airport elevators, graphic media and national broadcasting stations. It has a wide influence in the fields of global finance, innovation and investment, and is known as the "Forbes" of the new economy.

Great times give birth to great founders

In the 19th century, James Watt invented the first practical steam engine in human history, leading mankind into the Steam Age. In the 1870s, when science and technology began to develop in leaps and bounds, Edison and Tesla started the great Electric Age in their feud. In the 20th century, with the birth of the Internet, mankind began to accelerate into the Information Age, and most familiar names of the founders of the modern business world were found in this era.

Typical representatives of such founders include Steve Jobs of the Apple, and his spiritual mentor, Bob Noyce, nicknamed the Mayor of Silicon Valley and co-founder of Intel Corporation, which is known as the giant throughout the information age. He led the semiconductor industry of Silicon Valley to the absolute pinnacle of this glorious planet. The conversation between Bob Noyce's wife, Ann Bowers, and Steve Jobs in he last months of his life, is still is worth of recalling, especially for the contemporary founders to reflect.

Steve Jobs: "Tell me, what did I look like when I was young?"

Bowers: "You were very impulsive and very difficult to work with at that time. But you had a convincing vision. You told us 'the very process of life is a reward,' and as it turns out, you were right."

Founding age: a unique testimony of the times belonging to the founder

With the clock set back to the period from April 1, 1976, the day Steve Jobs founded Apple, to his death on October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs has accompanied his founding company for 35 years.

A founder's identity is the only constant of any influential company in this world. The "founding age" is a proof of each step taken by an influential founder while leading the company he founded. It has witnessed the whole process how the founder and the founding company develop and grow with each other. Therefore, the "founding age" is the only way for an influential founder to prove himself and this age is unique to each one of them.

How do you identify founders of the era who have defined 2020?

Based in China and with a global vision, the 2020 Top 50 the Most Influential Founders list aims to find and record the global founders who had a great influence in China and the world in 2020. They are often leaders of the times and successful practitioners of the application of technological innovation. This list takes into account the founders’ influence in 2020 as an important weight for assessment, highlighting those who had a positive influence on society in 2020. As 2020 is also a year when the epidemic has a huge impact on society, some of the most influential founders have been categorized from the aspect of benevolence and will be revealed in the subsequent 2020 Top 50 the Most Benevolent Founders list.

How was the 2020 Top 50 the Most Influential Founders list assessed?

This year's selection covers more than 1,000 declared new economy enterprises and founders, and has been assessed based on the dimensions of influence, including founders, enterprise efficiency, industry innovation, social responsibility, industry revolutions and more. The five dimensions of selection were assigned with different weights in the six lists, and were evaluated by the Global Founders Communication Services Alliance and the Global Founders Financial Services Alliance. After a series of evaluations by the two Alliances, a list of top 50 candidates were finalized based on the overall scores of each. The Top 50 the Most Influential Founders list is announced in the order of the “founding age”, which is irrelevant to the degree of the enterprise’s influence, only referring to a period experienced by the founder and the founding company together, to well record the founders of the era who deserve such a honor over the past year.

Who are the founders that defined 2020? Perhaps you can find an answer here.

The 2020 Top 50 the Most Influential Founders list includes the following founders:

What is the Global Founders Summit?

The Global Founders Summit is the flagship event of the organizer iAsk. iAsk Media and iAsk Capital interviewed and served thousands of founders, by recording their past, witnessing their present and hoping to better support them for the future. It aims to provide full serves and link founders, investors and media groups, to tell the stories of Chinese founders to the world, and to assist companies in successfully landing their business in the global presence.

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