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Betting on Bantec during the second wave of Covid-19.
Brandon Nelson Nov 12,2020,17:29

A vaccine may be on the horizon but after the exuberance in forgotten "re-open-friendly" stocks like airplanes and cruises on the Pfizer data, the realization that we still have a long way to go before a vaccine is distributed set in. Now, stay-at-home stocks are back as are companies whose businesses are dedicated to fighting or containing the virus.

Meet penny stock player, Bantec (OTCMKTS: BANT), a company dedicated to providing a variety of products to schools, universities and other organizations.
The Play:
Lowest Buy Price: $.0027
Maximum Sell Price: $.045
Multiplier: 16x
Every $100 invested = $1,600
Hold: 30-45 days (be ready for the spike because it will most likely happen within 30 days - hold time is just a maximum estimate).
The Scoop:
The company is making a major Covid play. Bantec is selling industrial-sized commercial mixers that can be used to manufacture hand sanitizers, cosmetics, first-aid products, perfumes, creams, as well as other commercial chemical compounds. It can also be used for distillation & extraction processes. 
Bantec plans to sell a variety of other Covid-19 prevention and eradication products which includes:
UV sanitation lights, UV disinfectant desk lights, UV Excimer disinfectant fixtures, UVC handheld surface sanitizer, door barrier germicidal UVC fixture, and weatherproof UVC fluorescent light fixtures. Bant plans to further ramp up its revenue, net profits, and clientele through the acquisition of janitorial & electrical companies.
Bantec introduces robots used to disinfect schools.
Click on the link below to watch:
With the increase in Covid-19 cases spreading across the globe and countries going into lockdown mode, this company stands to do a lot of business related to Covid-19 sanitization and prevention in schools and businesses. 
The Company:
Bantec Inc., a product and services company, through its subsidiaries and divisions sells to facility managers, engineers, maintenance managers, purchasing managers and contract officers who work for hospitals, universities, manufacturers, commercial businesses, local and state governments and the US government.
The Technicals:
Outstanding Shares: 128.07 Million
Market Cap: $345,813.04
EPS: -0.4430

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