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CELZ is a stem cell stock looking to cure everything from sexual dysfunction to arthritis.
Brandon Nelson Nov 11,2020,17:13

The average guy turned penny stock phenom is back with this week's second short-term pick

The Stock

Creative Medical Technology Holdings (OTCMKTS: CELZ) -

The Play:

Lowest Buy Price: $.0013

Maximum Sell Price: $.021

Multiplier: 16x

Hold: 30-60 days

The Scoop:

The company focuses on patented stem cell technology to improve the body’s own autoimmune defense against diseases. Patented stem cell treatments include:               

- CaverStem® technology for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

- FemCelz® technology for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction.

- OvaStem® technology for the treatment of premature ovarian failure and our patented.

- StemSpine® technology for pain management and degenerative disc disease. All of which utilize the patient's own non-manipulated stem cells harvested from their own bone marrow, known as Autologous Cells.

- AmnioStem® for the treatment of stroke, utilizing our patented stem cell-derived from amniotic fluid, our patented.

- TregCelz™ technology utilizing T Regulatory Cells for pain management related to degenerative disc disease.

- ImmCelz® has multiple potential applications including the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

This company is only going to increase its value with these treatments. Stem cells are at the forefront of modern medicine which is why I have hand-selected this company for my portfolio.

The Company:

Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. is a commercial stage biotechnology company currently trading on the OTC market under the ticker symbol CELZ. For further information about the company go to
The Technicals:

Outstanding Shares: 331.14 M (Good)

Market Cap: $499.71 K (Solid)

EPS: -0.069 (decent)

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