Baidu's Smart Program GMV Soars 228% on Holiday Week

Orders made through Baidu's smart program soared 266% year-over-year.
Benjamin WangOct 09,2020,20:54

Baidu Inc. (Nasdaq: BIDU) announced Friday that its smart program has seen its gross merchandise value (GMV) surge 228% in the National Day vacation compared to the same period of last year.

Similar to WeChat's mini program, users of Baidu's smart program can access various applications without exiting Baidu and having to download other apps.

Among other things, the number of daily users of the movie ticket channel on Baidu’s smart program increased by 112% from last year. Baidu, China's top search engine, said that a large number of movies were released on National Day instead of the Chinese New Year.

Dou Shen, the executive vice president of Baidu said in a statement, “When users search for the popular tourist destinations during the National Day, there is a potential demand for various services including buying tickets and booking hotels. Likewise, when users search for a certain movie, there is a demand for buying movie tickets.”

Founded in 2018, Baidu’s smart program supports a variety of services for users, including one-click login, payment, shipping address, invoice, and other functions. In addition, it provides a variety of industry solutions to help developers expand their business on the smart program, Baidu added.

The stock in Baidu Inc. closed Friday at $126.77 per American depositary share, 2 cents higher.

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