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China Officially Integrates Fund of Funds into its Rural Modernization Plan
In February, China’s central government unveiled the "No. 1 Document" for 2021, emphasizing industrial investments via rural revitalization funds (RRF) in an effort to modernize its countryside. Close on the document’s heels, China updated its poverty alleviation office to the rural vitalization body, taking a firm step further than poverty reduction to reduce the urban-rural divide.
FOF Weekly
Apr 14,2021,17:30
From ESG to Impact Investing: China’s New Investment Philosophy in a Post-Pandemic Era
Although it is a concept imported to China from the rest of the world, ESG investing has proven a huge success, particularly against the pandemic background. But now, a more proactive investment philosophy is taking hold: impact investing. We speak to several key market players to reveal how Chinese funds are implementing it, the problems it can lead to and the benefits it can have both for financial returns and achieving ESG goals.
FOF Weekly
Mar 31,2021,14:29
An LP Perspective: 6 Questions to Ask GPs
To maintain a competitive stance and a track record of outperformance, general partners (GPs) must find their own winning strategy in the market. LPs can ask the following 6 questions to figure out a GP’s investment strategy.
FOF Weekly
Mar 23,2021,00:34
First Principle Thinking in the VC Space
As the minimum unit of society, individuals often see their thoughts and behavior become the research topic of economists. If we generalize, the process of venture investment is actually an investor’s social science experiment in the real world.
FOF Weekly
Mar 12,2021,23:06
How to Exit in China’s Policy-Driven Market
Chinese VC/PE funds saw the exit door wide open in 2020. But achieving expected returns has proven tricky. And new regulations from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) are making matters worse. So, what does it take to exit successfully in this new policy-driven market?
FOF Weekly
Mar 04,2021,15:17
The Chinese Capital Market Showdown: Public vs Private Funds
2020 is a year of global uncertainty. But for the Chinese capital market, it is also a year of exceptional heat waves. Publicly placed funds in China have never gained so much attention before – to a degree that they are driving privately placed funds into the corner.
FOF Weekly
Mar 01,2021,14:32
Watch Out! 3 Traps for LPs to Avoid
Limited partners (LPs) are literally 'limited' because of information asymmetry. Despite thinking they've kept a close eye on return on investment, LPs can still fall into the following 3 traps that devastate their yields.
FOF Weekly
Feb 22,2021,22:32
Tips for Investors: How to Stop Secondary Transactions from Crash Landing
Ever since the 2018 liquidity crisis hit the primary market, secondaries transactions – the only liquidity solution then – have remained a hot topic in the private equity (PE) market. Rushan Capital, a secondary investment veteran, processed over 50 secondary deals in 2020 alone, but ultimately only 2 of them landed safely. In this article, we explore some valuable lessons from Rushan Capital, focusing on 4 of the failed cases to illustrate the main difficulties in secondary trading.
FOF Weekly
Feb 18,2021,18:43
China’s Spin on the 'Listed Company + VC' Model
The synergy between the two sides, with public companies building the industry ecosystem and VC firms sourcing appealing investment targets, makes the model more than the sum of its parts.
FOF Weekly
Feb 15,2021,20:09
China’s Mega-Wealthy Family Offices: A Secret Organization in the Spotlight
From the single-family to multi-family office, the species is maturing and diversifying rapidly.
FOF Weekly
Jan 01,2021,14:34