Przemyslaw Radomski
Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA is the founder and editor-in-chief at Sunshine Profits as well as the portfolio manager of his gold investment fund.
Gold Investment Update: Will Paradise Turn to Dystopia?
What is in for gold and silver in the medium term?
Przemyslaw Radomski
May 10,2021,15:01
Powell Has Lost Control of the Bond Market and What it Means for Gold
The so-called groundbreaking rally in the yellow metal immediately lost ground.
Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 24,2021,18:51
Has Gold Lost Its Shine for Good?
Gold is going to move much lower once the USD Index finally rallies.
Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 18,2021,18:43
Is the Gold and Silver Rally As Worrying as It Is Exciting?
As the equity bubble grows larger, it’s sucking in more and more unsophisticated investors.
Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 10,2021,20:15
How Long Will Silver's Shining Rise Last?
The raucous Reddit traders have moved on to silver. What do charts say?
Przemyslaw Radomski
Feb 01,2021,15:41
Here's What's More Important Than the Reddit Mania
Don't confuse the most interesting market development with the most important.
Przemyslaw Radomski
Jan 29,2021,15:56
Depsite Signs to the Contrary, Gold at or Nearing Top
We didn’t have to wait for long for the gold situation to get back to normal.
Przemyslaw Radomski
Jan 06,2021,16:20
The Dollar in 2021
As we enter 2021 and net-short futures positions (non-commercial traders) remain at their highest level since 2006.
Przemyslaw Radomski
Jan 04,2021,15:24
Gold for Xmas
Santa might stuff your stockings with gold--if he is cheap this year, that is.
Przemyslaw Radomski
Dec 21,2020,16:38
Silver Might Have More Short-Term Shine Than Gold
Both gold and silver wait haven't bottomed despite a lower dollar.
Przemyslaw Radomski
Dec 14,2020,18:31