Arkadiusz Sieron
Arkadiusz Sieroń, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wrocław, a Certified Investment Adviser and a long-time precious metals market enthusiast. He is also a Laureate of the 6th International Vernon Smith Prize.
Gold Continues Declines on Bond Yield Jitters
Personal income surged by 10 percent in January, compared to 0.6-percent in the previous month.
Arkadiusz Sieron
Mar 02,2021,19:16
How Interest Rate Hikes in 2021 Will Affect Gold
The dovish Fed’s bias is one of the main factors behind the downward trend in real interest rates.
Arkadiusz Sieron
Feb 04,2021,18:39
Blue Wave Beats Gold
Everyone thought that a blue wave would be the best scenario for gold, but the yellow metal dropped again
Arkadiusz Sieron
Jan 12,2021,15:58
What Are Gold's New Year's Resolutions?
Few will miss 2020, but gold bulls should count themselves among the small group who do.
Arkadiusz Sieron
Dec 31,2020,15:40
Will Weak Payrolls Strengthen Gold?
U.S. nonfarm payrolls disappointed in November. A golden opportunity for precious metals investors?
Arkadiusz Sieron
Dec 08,2020,17:00
Herd Immunity or Herd Insolvency: Which Will Affect Gold More?
Vaccines are coming, But so is debt—and a lot of it, too.
Arkadiusz Sieron
Nov 25,2020,15:20
Vaccine Versus Virus: The Battle for Gold
There WILL be a vaccine. But when, how effective, and how widely distributed remains in question: Gold investors are watching.
Arkadiusz Sieron
Nov 16,2020,18:03
Will Investors Get Vaccinated Against Gold?
Pfizer says that an effective coronavirus vaccine is coming. Does this imply the end of gold’s bull market?
Arkadiusz Sieron
Nov 13,2020,14:47
Election Results Point to Gold Losing Its Shine
The election is behind us. Yet the official results are still unknown, but they do not look particularly bullish for gold.
Arkadiusz Sieron
Nov 05,2020,15:26
Forget Biden and Trump: Gold Will Win the Election
Anything can happen this time around. Either way, gold will shine,
Arkadiusz Sieron
Nov 03,2020,15:21