iAsk Capital Introduction

iAskMar 03,2020,08:25

iAsk Capital Introduction


iAsk Capital, rooted in the Asia Pacific with global reach, is an investment firm focusing on the media and technology sectors. 


iAsk Capital believes that from movable-type printing, papermaking, radio, transistors, internet, data technology, chip technology, IoT, 3D printing to gene compilation, everything is the medium with the evolution of technology. In the way of disseminating information and influencing people's spiritual world, the medium has been constantly developing and evolving with the assistance of different technological innovations.


Therefore, benefited the rich experience of the founding team in the world's top media organizations and investment organizations, iAsk Capital focuses on the media and technology fields, and looks for and invests on great founders and businesses in this world, which will bring the world great influences in future through innovative media thinking and technological breakthroughs.


So far, iAsk Capital successfully invested in many outstanding companies including ByteDance, Horizon Robotics, Himalaya FM, Moviebook, Capital Watch etc.

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