Unearth the New Trends in ALPD® Laser Projection Technical Solutions from 2019 CinemaCon

Laser upgrade as foundation, multiple solutions as full assistance

    Apr 16, 2019 10:46 AM  PT
Unearth the New Trends in ALPD® Laser Projection Technical Solutions from 2019 CinemaCon
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CinemaCon 2019, an annual gala for the global film industry, has successfully concluded in early April at the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. ALPD® technology, the world leader in advanced laser projection technology, has once again caught the eye of the global industry market and continues to inject new vitality into the international projection market.


CinemaCon (formerly known as ShowWest) is the most prestigious and time-honored industry event in the film distribution and projection industry, and also the largest exhibition of this industry in the world. The exhibition will showcase the cutting-edge technology of the cinema that is the most revolutionary, as well as the latest franchise products. Due to the highly competitive prospect of the market, owners and operators of cinemas need to be aware about the latest products and services, current new technologies, industry events and upcoming films, as well as the industry banquets attended by over 5,000 industry insiders every year.


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Innovative business models help cinemas save costs, and leading technology becomes a powerful backing

As a laser projection technology created in China, ALPD® laser projection technology has been developed and refined for more than ten years. Up to now, it has a total of over 1450 authorized patents and patent applications, including over 750 authorized patents and over 700 global patent applications, far ahead of other similiar technologies for several years. The technology has been widely promoted in the Chinese market since the end of 2015, and is now highly mature in the applications at cinema level. Based on advanced technology and rich product solutions, ALPD ® creatively introduced a time-share business model (namely the cinema only needs to pay according to the time of use based on the model of the device). Once introduced, this model has been favored by the vast number of users.


"This business model is quite an innovation because cinemas no longer have to pay a large sum of money for equipment procurement at one time and can enjoy the best possible investment in the projection equipment while enjoying the laser service." said the official, "This does not only strengthens user adhesion, but also demonstrates the confidence and verification of ALPD advanced technical solutions. Currently in the domestic market, more than 14,000 devices are in use with the ALPD ® laser projection solution with stable operation. "This technology and solution have been exhibited in many overseas film industry exhibitions around the world, and have been highly praised and received positive feedback from overseas customers. It is understood that Cinionic, the overseas promoter of ALPD ® laser projection solution, will also adopt the same innovative business model to help the cinemas maximize cost savings. At present, there are more than 20 kinds of laser upgrade products and high-end projection solutions with ALPD ® as the core. Up to now, its installed capacity in China has exceeded 14,000 sets, and 5,000 sets overseas. This is the inevitable result of the dual recognition of the market and industry for technical solutions.


Laser upgrade as foundation, multiple solutions as full assistance

In addition to more detailed solutions of laser-upgraded projection, CINEAPPO will also ceremoniously introduce high-end projection solutions C50 and C60 to help cinemas achieve differentiated management and build high-end cinemas of their own brands, such as Hengdian giant screen, Lumire HG screening room and so on. It's worth mentioning that when the highlighted version of Alita: Battle Angel directed by Cameron was released, nearly 10 high-end cinemas in China using C50 and C60 won the limited broadcasting rights to the ALPD ® laser highlighted version due to its outstanding projection brightness and effects. 

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Not only that, in order to meet the new market demand, the company has developed China's first laser film projector C5 that meets the standards of DCI and it will be introduced to the market during the year ,which means that China has a self-developed digital film projector that meets the DCI projection standards. This technology and projection standard have achieved international recognition. This projector is equipped with ALPD 4.0 technology, which is applicable to a variety of innovative application domains, and will help cinemas and Chinese films open up more commercial possibilities in the future. C5 laser projector plays a significant role in China's film projection technology industry, which is not only a new prospect, but also a breakthrough of China's self-developed technology in the process of film digitization.


In the future, under the general trend of laser popularization, ALPD ® laser projection solutions will continue to innovate and refine, introduce more products that can better meet the demands, so as to advance the development of the film market.