Hailiang Education Taps ELS America to Prepare Students for Studying in the U.S.

Daniel LipsonNov 15,2017,16:28

With a significant rise in the amount of Chinese students transferring to schools in the United States, private education company Hailiang Education Group Inc. (Nasdaq: HLG) has entered into a partnership with ELS American Education Consulting in Shanghai to help prepare students for studying in the US.

Through the partnership, Hailiang’s Foreign Language School will offer ELS English together with a technology lab for individualized support. The agreement will take advantage of ELS America’s expertise and resources for effective language teaching.

In recent years, Chinese students have led the way in international enrollment, according to a study published by NBC. The study revealed that 2 of every 5 international students in American high schools between 2013 and 2016 came from China, and that the total number of students from China rose almost 50 percent.

While the United States has long been a popular destination for college students, foreign students are now coming over much earlier. One of the primary draws of coming to the United States earlier in their academic career is the ability to refine their English language skills and get well-acquainted with the U.S. culture before they arrive on a college campus. Hailiang Education hopes to support these students as they make their transition through their new partnership.

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