China Blames U.S for Trade Frictions, Says Negotiations Currently Impossible

ReutersApr 09, 2018 10:01 AM PT

Asia's Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Boom Fizzles, but Profits Persist

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China Launches WTO Complaint on U.S. Tariffs Linked to IP Issues

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China Commerce Ministry Condemns U.S. Tariffs, Will Take Countermeasures

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China Opts for Policy Continuity in New Central Bank Chief

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JinkoSolar Announces New Deal, Prepares Manufacturing in Florida

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Vipshop to Invest Up To $250 Million in Private Equity Fund

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China Cuts Tax Rates for Chipmakers Amid Trade Tensions

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iQiyi, China's Netflix, Ready to Jump Into U.S. Market Today

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Bilibili Makes a Disappointing Debut on Wall Street

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U.S. Trade Chief to Give China 60-day Tariff Notice, Sees Years-long Effort

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North Korea's Kim Jong-un Concludes Historic Visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping

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U.S. and China Tussle at WTO Over Legality of Trump Tariffs

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China Sets Yuan Mid-point at Highest Since 2015 Devaluation

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China's Premier Pledges Market Opening in Bid to Avert U.S. Trade War

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China Strikes Back in Trade Spat, Aims Tariffs at $3 Billion U.S. Goods

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JinkoSolar Posts Disappointing Earnings; Shares Drop

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Cheetah Mobile Unveils Five New Robots; Shares Skid

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China Names CBRC Chief Guo as Head of New Banking, Insurance Regulator

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China Places Curbs on Urban Rail Projects, Warns Against 'Blind Investment'

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