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Seven years of change while remaining steady; Innovation drives the way

  June 18, 2018  

Time is like a torrent. You can never reverse the flow of the torrent just like you can never turn back time.

Every cell of a body regenerates every seven years, and every detail of our life is reborn every seven years. For the past seven years, the ecology of internet finance and the online lending industry has evolved dramatically as well.

Every day in those seven years, Niwodai has been on the journey of change, innovation, and evolution. We keep challenging how traditional finance could be integrated with new technologies.

We are the pioneer of micro-finance

Since its establishment seven years ago, Niwodai has believed in the future development of the micro-finance industry. We have been developing big data technologies and an AI-technology-assisted credit decision-making system.

All data are unified to perform risk modelling, which helps our platform provide more accurate results and minimize risks of non-performing loans. We aim to serve all people and provide high-quality investment opportunities to all investors.

Over the past seven years, Niwodai has reached over 50 million registered users, from Shanghai to the whole country. Our platform has helped more than 3.88 million individuals and small- to micro-entrepreneurs with a total loan size of 51.5 billion yuan. Niwodai's cumulative transaction volume has reached more than 90 billion yuan. Behind every number, every milestone, is the hard work of our team and the determination of serving the public.

We follow closely the regulatory steps

The emerging lending scams and financial crisis caused a regulatory storm last year in China. Under the government's guidance of reform and financial deleveraging, all types of financial products or platforms are now being heavily monitored. New financial supervision departments have been established, and all companies have to undergo a licensing process to prevent future scams from happening.

The continuous regulatory policies have become the touchstone for testing our strict compliance system. We closely follow every step of the regulatory requirement through continuous adjustment and optimization of our risk control system. We run different scenario analysis tests and try to improve our risk pricing and risk-control models.

The fleet footed race to the future where technology changes everything

At the seventh anniversary, I look to the future. We will focus more on new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain. By implementing these technologies, our road to a better future has become wider and more accessible.

This year is also the 40th anniversary of our nation's open-up reform; the old traditional financial services need to open up as well. Fintech and internet finance will be the main direction of China's future.

We are in an era of change and revolution. As of May 2018, the cumulative transaction volume of online lending already passed the 7 trillion mark. As an innovative financial model, new technologies drive financial services to overcome barriers and restrictions. New technologies are making our finance become more efficient, more user-friendly, and able to reach a new height. This will be our future.

I am grateful to every employee who has accompanied us for the past seven years. Our achievement today wouldn't be possible without the effort of every single employee. Also, I want to thank every user who has trusted us over the past seven years. You are the source of our efforts.

Time is limited. Don't waste it. We embrace all that change offers to help improve our services, while at the same time we remain steady. We need to know what the nature and purpose of all financial services are.

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

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