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Niwodai Founder: We are Fortunate to Embark on This Journey in an Era of Change

  July 12, 2017  

This June is the sixth anniversary of Niwodai. The CEO of Niwodai, Mr. Dingdui Yan, looked back at these six year of the entrepreneurial journey and published a feature story about Niwodai's past, present and future:

From 2011 to 2017, the speed of evolution in the world wqs far beyond our expectations. China's smartphone penetration rate grew from 10% in 2011 to more than 60% in 2017. WeChat only had a few million registered users in 2011, but now it has more than 800 million. In 2011, China's most valuable company was a petrochemical company, but now, six years later, it became Tencent and Alibaba.

In 2011, when I launched the Niwodai page in a small office, I didn't expect that the platform would grow this big over six years. Now, we have accumulated more than 50 billion in turnover, earned nearly 5 billion profit for users, traded nearly 50 million times, and provided more than 1 million borrowers with much-needed loans. We have more than 20 million registered users.

Six years ago, we came up with a slogan "Make Your Dreams Possible." The dreams are not only for borrowers, but also for investors and Niwodai's employees. We want to make all those people achieve their dreams.

Six years later, I think we are on the right track.

At the six-year anniversary, Niwodai's whole management team went on a hike in the Gobi Desert. During the 72-hour, 86-kilometer hike, we reminisced about the past six years and all the obstacles we conquered together, and we set new targets for Niwodai's future. The whole team is ready for the new opportunities and challenges ahead.

In the desert, one person can walk very fast, but a whole team can go even farther. The same principle could be applied to company management. We shall always work together and aim for the same goal.

For the past six years, we have witnessed the evolution of the Internet era to the information age, and we were lucky enough to pick the right path for our company.

The main theme of the Internet era was that people were closer through different types of information transmission; while in the information age, people are getting more accurate information through new technologies.

In the field of Internet finance, inclusive finance and interest rate liberalization are the two main topics. With the help of new AI technologies, we are on our way to provide financial services to all people, and we are making interest rate liberalization possible.

Recently, we have noticed that many traditional financial institutions, such as banks, are trying to reach out to more people who in the past can't access bank services. This means that we are not a follower of traditional financial institutions, but a leading pathfinder.

Whether it is traditional finance or Internet finance, the basic principles are the same: asset acquisition, risk pricing, and efficient matching of capital assets.

In terms of asset acquisition, we have built a comprehensive risk control system. For risk pricing, we are able to give assets more precise and dynamic pricing through the advanced algorithms, big data and artificial intelligence. Regarding efficient matching of capital assets, we are way ahead of the industry and have created a dynamic balanced system of user perception and compliance.

For Niwodai, risk control and risk compliance are always our top criteria.

Through our six years of hard work, we have created a trustworthy and successful brand - Niwodai.

I hope Niwodai can be more successful in the future, and I also hope there will be more platforms like Niwodai.

In the past six years, we sailed from a small boat, constantly breaking through and sprinting. When the wind or storm hit us, we did not deviate from the route. If you dream big, the sky is the limit.

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