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Seven Years of Trust: From 0 to 50 Million Registered Users

  Jun 19, 2018  

Mr. Jianmin Yang is running a distributed water sewage treatment company in Shanghai, which has been operating smoothly for nine years. However, this company's business could have gotten into trouble without the life-saving loans granted from Niwodai seven years ago.

Mr. Yang was one of the first borrowers from Niwodai. Since the company's establishment in 2011, Niwodai has been committed to providing financing services to SMEs and individuals with financing needs. It has developed into a well-known internet loan company after seven years' development. During the past seven years, there were doubts and setbacks, however, there was more development and progress. Investors have become more experienced in investment, and borrowers have become more rational in borrowing. All of these changes have increased mutual trust between borrowers and lenders and contributed to a stable and well-developed Niwodai.

To date, Niwodai has granted loans of 51.5 billion yuan to 3.88 million applicants. It is serving over 50 million users with a total trading volume of over 90 billion yuan. We believe that each transaction of the loans could not be accomplished without a new trust established.

Niwodai has been running for seven years with a total trading volume reaching 90 billion Yuan

Stay calm amid market frenzy and be a symphony conductor with the back to the audience

When Mr. Yang was applying for loans in 2012, Niwodai had just been established. At that time, the internet loan industry had just kicked off, and it has been developing rapidly in China since then. The number of internet loan companies grew from 20 to 240 with a total volume reaching 3 billion yuan from 500 million yuan. In 2013, mobile internet experienced a boom in China. Yuebao started to be part of Chinese people's life. Unprecedented finance management needs contributed to explosive growth in China's internet loan industry. Up to the end of 2013, China had more than 500 internet loan platforms with a total volume of transactions reaching near 90 billion Yuan.

Everything could get out of control if it develops much faster than its capacity. "If you want to conduct a symphony, you have to turn your back to the audience". This is exactly Niwodai's business philosophy - providing the best financing service to people who truly need it, instead of blindly meeting the market's irrational demands. Amid the frenzy of this industry, Niwodai shoulders the responsibility of providing financing services and controlling the risks for both lenders and borrowers.

Regarding strict risk control, Mr. Yang did not understand at the very beginning. He thought: "My company has developed for years. Also, I presented you the financial records as well as the plants and machines. What doubt could you still possibly have?" Indeed, when Niwodai was reviewing his application, the reviewing team actually went to his factories three times to conduct a thorough investigation. At that time, what was lingering in the mind of the founder and the team was staying calm and controlling the risks when the market was going crazy.

Niwodai has been committed to managing risks and protecting information security and investors' rights. It has been making continued progress in information disclosure and has established an effective review and risk evaluation mechanism. It evaluates the applicant's financial needs, credibility, and 60 other items in the strictest way to avoid fraud. As a pay-back to the trust of clients, Niwodai has always stayed calm and effectively controlled the risks.

Niwodai is still on the way after seven years' development. The photo was taken during the team-building of Niwodai's senior managers in the Gobi Desert.

A platform that the visually-disabled people can invest on

"I just wanted to tell my problem at the beginning and really didn't expect much. However, my message gained attention from the operations team of Niwodai and they really solved my problem", said Mr. Ji, who has a visual impairment. Mr. Ji has been an investor on Niwodai's platform since 2004, saying that he chooses Niwodai, not only because he likes Niwodai's products, but also because of the amazing support provided by Niwodai's app.

Niwodai's app has been updated on a regular basis. The built-in program allows visually impaired people to read through the screen. Mr. Ji had been using the app and it worked really well. However, when the app was updated to version 5.6, Mr. Ji found that he was not able to use the programs of "Recharge" and "Invest by one click" any more. He was very concerned.

He made a post about this problem at 2:35 in the morning and got a reply from the operations team as soon as 10 a.m.. He was informed that the R&D department was working on his problem ,and he was provided with a temporary solution at the same time. What Niwodai did made him feel very warm. What surprised him even more was that the software developer talked to him directly many times and eventually solved his problem.

To show his gratitude, he wrote a thank you letter to both the operations team and the R&D team. Visually impaired users are only a small part of the entire user pool, but still they have been taken care of. "To be honest, I was very disappointed when I found that the new version was not friendly to me, and I was thinking about withdrawing my money. But now I have become a huge fan of Niwodai. I don't know the name of every person in the operations and R&D teams, but because of them, I strongly believe that I have made the right choice by choosing Niwodai", Mr. Ji said in the thank you letter.

It is exactly this kind of best service and caring attitude that creates the trust between users and Niwodai. Because of the trust, many users start to increase their investment in Niwodai. Even when the industry was in crisis, such as during the Ezubao incident, users still have great confidence in Niwodai. They even participated to help solve the problems.

Never stop doing good deeds just because they may be trivial. Niwodai has been practicing this principle by giving special care to groups with special needs.

The IT team has been working hard to create the best system, which builds and maintains the valuable trust.

Mr. Dinggui Yan, the founder of Niwodai, decided to develop the company's own system since the moment the business started. Even though he faced many problems at the beginning, such as the instability of the system, he never changed his mind. This is the foundation deeply built in this industry and is rarely seen by common people. However, it becomes increasingly important with the fast development of peer-to-peer lending.

It is hard for Ms. Zhang Lin to imagine that so many teams are working together to make the lending happen. She is from Luoyang City of Henan province and decided to start her own enterprise after graduation from college. After years of preparation, she started her cosmetics store and soon made progress in business. However, with the development of the store, she started having financing problems. At that time, she used up all of her money before the arrival of a new batch of cosmetics, which had been best-selling. If she declined the new batch of cosmetics, she would upset her suppliers and the customers would not be happy about having no products to buy. But if she decided to take this batch of products, she did not have money to pay for them.

When she was stuck in the dilemma, she was told by a friend that she may be able to borrow from Niwodai. Then she decided to apply for a loan of 15,000 yuan. After checking her photo with her actual face and reviewing her application, the company gave her the loan on the same day she applied. She was so surprised. She runs this business all by herself. It is her income resource and her dream, too. She did not expect the financing problem to be solved so easily and quickly.

Actually, what really helped her was Niwodai's IT system, which effectively controls the risks from borrowers, protects investors' rights, and helps borrowers get the loan in a convenient way. Zhang Lin's application and loan approvalwere happening during the upgrading of Niwodai's IT system from version 1.0 to 2.0, which became fully developed.

At that time, Niwodai's IT system had to be upgraded because of the increasing trading volume and users' requests for high quality service. The 2.0 version was just a beginning. The old and new versions are completely different. Any breakdown during the upgrade would cause data errors, which are fatal to P2P platforms. As recalled by the technical team leader, it was a difficult time. They had no choice but to move forward no matter how difficult it was. They worked around the clock for two weeks and slept for only eight hours over seven days. They locked themselves in a small room and fully concentrated on resolving the difficulties.

After going through that difficult period, Niwodai has become more powerful in this industry. The business and technology are combined perfectly. Right after this upgrade, Niwodai's system stood the test of booming trading volume and new products. Currently, Niwodai is moving towards version 5.0 and making great progress in the research and development of its independent technology.

So far, Ms. Zhang Lin has been granted loans from Niwodai four times. Every time she has financing needs, she thinks about Niwodai. The review and approval process are fast, and the repayment is convenient. Because of such trust and convenience, users come back to Niwodai when they have financing needs.

Professionalism nurtures trust. Both happen because of an amazing team.

Trust is built from initial doubts to firm belief. Trust links each party and makes them work in a healthy community. Investors have learned how to recognize risks instead of just blindly pursuing profits. Borrowers don't regard applying for loans as humiliating anymore, but take it as an opportunity earned from the trust built on the past. All of this is happening because of the growing trust between Niwodai and its users.

Rome was not built in one day. During the past seven years, Niwodai has been exploring how to effectively combine the technology and financing service. The efforts include strict control of risks, support to people with special needs, improved systems and products, and the development of new technology and compliance. Through the commitment to professionalism and excellence in operations, Niwodai has made itself well-known to the users.

With the progress in urbanization and technology, more and more people prefer applying for loans from P2P platforms instead of borrowing from their family members or relatives as they did in the past. Staying calm amid market frenzies and providing the best service is where the trust between Niwodai and its users comes from.

What we know for sure is that, during the past seven years, Niwodai has done a great job adhering to its principles, staying loyal to its dream, and fulfilling its responsibilities.

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