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A Mysterious Gift for James Harden from Niwodai, Official Partner of the NBA's Houston Rockets

  Oct 19, 2018  

The Houston Rockets ushered in the opening game of the 2018-19 season. At home, James Harden scored 18 points and amassed 9 rebounds with 10 assists, while Chris Paul collected 19 points and 5 rebounds. But unfortunately, the New Orleans Pelicans played well under Anthony Davis' leadership and dominated from the very beginning, winning 131-112.

Last season, the Harden-Paul combination helped the team create a new record of 65 wins, leading the Rockets to the playoffs for the Western Conference. However, the Rockets, who played well, lost to the Golden State Warriors, ending the team's journey before the finals.

The Rockets, whose roster was replenished in the transfer season, is expected to have a bigger breakthrough this season. Despite the setback in the first game, the Rockets are still looking forward to this season. Capturing a spot in the finals and winning the championship is not only the dream of the Rockets, but also the dream of thousands of Rockets fans. In order to support this dream and help the Rockets achieve another success this season, Niwodai, the Rockets official partner from China, chose to renew its partnership with the team this season. Niwodai continues to support the Rockets as it chases its dream.

In addition, before the start of the season, Niwodai brought a special gift from China for the team - a Chinese painting with players Harden, Paul, Zhou Qi and Coach Mike D'Antoni. In this way, Niwodai hopes to express the Chinese fans' support and love for the Houston Rockets in the form of Chinese paintings.

With its renewed partnership contract with the Rockets, Niwodai will continue to bring gifts to the fans, including players' signatures, team mascots, T-shirts, and other peripheral products that will be sold at the Toyota Central Stadium this season. Also, Niwodai customers will have the opportunity to receive free tickets to watch the game in Houston. Clients can log on to Niwodai's app to redeem gifts and tickets to the NBA games.

Niwodai has always been committed to promoting sportsmanship and giving back to society. The spirit of "Higher, Faster and Stronger" has inspired countless Chinese people to strive for their dreams. It also perfectly matches Niwodai's slogan of "We Make Your Dreams Possible." Since 2015, Niwodai has been a partner of the IAAF Diamond League for three years in a row. In addition, Niwodai continues to provide free sports clothing, sports equipment, and other support for children from rural areas and for children of migrant workers. The company cares about the health and well-being of our next generation and aims to give back to the society.

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