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Niwodai is Selected in "Media's Most Reputable P2P Companies in the Industry" Top 10 List

  May 27, 2017  

Niwodai, with cumulative turnover of over 50 billion yuan, recently got short-listed to the Top 10 in the "Media's Most Reputable P2P Companies in the Industry" award.

The "Media's Most Reputable P2P Companies in the Industry" award is organized by "21 Financial Search" and the results were released on May 24 online.

"21 Financial Search" is the financial and economic search engine of Guangdong 21st Century Media Co., Ltd. It integrates information aggregation, intelligent search, data mining and other technologies.

In addition to Niwodai, the other 9 short-listed candidates are Dianrong, Paipaidai, Renrendai, Yooli, Mindai, Iqianjin, PPmoney, Weidai, and Touna.

"21 Financial Search" announced that only platforms that have the strictest compliance and have third-party banks as depositaries can be selected in the list. Among the thousands of P2P companies in the market, only 205 are eligible for the selection process, and 20 platforms entered the final round. Then, the top 10 was selected among the 20 short-listed platforms.

The selection process is based on the full-media databases and in-depth investigations of the P2P industry. Judges screened through more than 90,000 pieces of information from newspapers, magazines, websites, micro-blogs, micro-letters, forums and six other media types. Among those, only 600 pieces of information were considered high quality. Hundreds of thousands of samples were collected in the first quarter, and machine-learning methods were used. With all the efforts from our data scientists and judges, we have the result of the "Media's most reputable P2P companies in the Industry" top 10 list.

A notable feature of this list is that P2P platforms that have a long history comprise the majority of the list. Most platforms on the Top 10 list have operated for more than 50 months.

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