Asset Pro reading and sharing, reading "List Revolution"

On July 5, Asset Pro's 6th Whampoa Military Academy celebrated the end of the study year in Beijing. More than 200 colleagues from various cities in the country gathered to sum up the 2019 achievements and jointly plan a new year. At the meeting, Asset Pro founder Hai Huang, Asset Pro CEO Chao Zhu, and several company executives delivered keynote speeches.

The following is a summary of the list of values of Asset Pro founder Huang's special reading club:

1. What is a Checklist?
The checklist is based on the previous experience to form a standardized, handheld document for future reference. Such as the pre-work preparation checklist, the checklist of the work process, the project process guide checklist, etc. This tool effectively implements the conversion process of tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge.

2. The checklist can help to avoid mistakes.
Some work procedures are overcomplicated with too much content. There is no way to ensure that no mistakes are made, so you should use the checklist to confirm one by one that you are avoiding "incompetent mistakes."

3. The five principles of creating a checklist

1) Decentralization:
From the top down to the work arrangement to the bottom-up execution plan, the power obligation is clearer and more efficient.
2) Simplicity and clarity:
The goal is comprehension. Instead of having too much to implement, the list needs to be simple to execute and efficient.
3) Activation team: The list cannot be a burden on the members and reduce the professionalism of the members. It must be a simple and effective implementation manual, so that everyone can perform his or her duties. The goal is collaboration even if the members are unacquainted with each other.
4) People-oriented:
The new workload should be transformed into a simple and practical action plan as soon as possible, without delay and must be feasible. Rather than create a list of appearances, it has to be effective.
5) Continuous improvement:
The list needs to be updated and improved frequently and content should be updated and supplemented to ensure that it is always safe, accurate and achievable.

4. How to prepare a list that suits us?
1) Set checkpoints and perform inspection procedures based on nodes
2) Confirmation of operation, select the appropriate list type
3) Concise and brief, single tasks should not be too long
4) The term is accurate and cannot have vague responsibilities
5) Pay attention to the layout, be clear
6) The reality test must be tested and revised
The above content is only a summary of some of the contents of this closed-door meeting of the Whampoa Military Academy.