Asset pro Completes $45 Million in Financing

The leading overseas Chinese asset management platform Asset pro has completed its Series A funding in early 2019, raising $45 million. Asset pro has invited Wei Zhe, who is the former CEO of Alibaba and the chairman of Jiayu Fund, as well as financiers and bankers with rich experience in the global capital market. Also attending was Mr. Fang Xiong Gong, the chairman of First Qianhai. They will join the Management Committee of the board of directors as senior consultants to provide guidance and assistance for the global development and expansion of quality assets.

Asset pro provides online services to more than 2 million global Chinese financial practitioners. The technology platform includes three major module functions: whole-site overseas asset industry exhibition industry tools, online community and CRM customer management system. Asset pro has fully covered online tools such as IOS, Android, PC and enterprise WeChat. It aims to help partners such as wealth management agencies, family offices and independent financial planners to more effectively provide overseas asset reconfiguration advisory services to high net worth clients.

Asset pro enables high-quality overseas assets and more than 160,000 wealth managers and practitioners to achieve efficient online docking and full investment cycle order management and tracking on the platform, timely provide platform and overseas asset consulting services for partners. Its leading online tools in the industry help small businesses achieve growth rate of more than 30% per quarter, and their activity is much higher than the industry average. At present, the per-capita amount of wealth management employees who have enjoyed the service of the manager has reached 2.3 times that of the leading enterprises in wealth management, and 4.9 times the amount of services per person.

The Asset pro platform’s business volume in 2018 increased by more than 400% year-on-year, while the first half of 2019 increased by more than 260% year-on-year. According to research by the independent third-party iResearch, in the overseas asset allocation industry, the number of channels covered by Asset pro and the transaction volume of the platform have reached the first in the industry. According to informed sources, at present, the top investment bank team has prepared for its overseas listing.