Asset pro CEO Mr. Chao Zhu was invited to attend the China Consumer Finance Strategy Development Summit

On March 28, 2017, the “China Consumer Finance Strategy Development Summit 2017 Annual Event” hosted by the China Consumer Finance Strategy Development Summit Organizing Committee was held at Shanghai Dahua Jinxiu Holiday Hotel, as China entered a new era of technological innovation-driven development. The pace is accelerating, and new technologies, new formats and new models represented by "Internet +" have become the new engine for the development of the industry. Asset pro attended the conference as a representative of the new consumption model in the field of overseas asset allocation. At the same time, the meeting was attended by Esheng Cai, former vice chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, deputy secretary-general of the Internet Finance Center of the People's Bank of China and the Institute of Finance of the People's Bank of China.

The theme of this conference was “Consumer Finance Drives Industry Upgrade.” Asset pro co-founder and CEO Mr. Chao Zhu and hundreds of industry peers discussed how consumer finance drives industrial upgrade and how industries and enterprises can seize opportunities. The aim was to innovate the allocation of consumer finance resources, vigorously develop new business models, operate new business formats, further enhance transparency, standardization, organization and intelligence of the financial industry, and build a new financial system of China's finance that is efficient, transparent, open and shared, and is honest and trustworthy.

Asset pro’s platform is committed to building a trustworthy overseas asset allocation service that “makes sales more valuable and makes overseas asset allocation easier.” It breaks the shackles of traditional overseas asset allocation products and uses Internet thinking to achieve the process of intermediation. After the successful cooperation, the ultra-high consulting fee was paid directly, creating a new business model in the industry.

The Asset pro team consists of senior professionals with background in Wall Street investment management. It has provided professional overseas asset allocation consulting services to dozens of top third-party wealth management and asset management companies in China, and achieved monthly sales of over 100 million yuan. In the era of quality consumption, only the fine products can become the mainstream of the market. Asset pro co-founder and CEO Mr. Zhu said at the conference: "With the vast investment space and entrepreneurial space, overseas asset allocation has begun to produce unexpected changes in people's lives while releasing huge market value."

In addition, Zhu pointed out that "with the gradual opening of China's capital market, the globalization of RMB's participation in SDR, and the growing middle-income class, the enthusiasm of investors to allocate overseas assets has continued to heat up. In the current overseas asset allocation project, the purchase of Hong Kong insurance accounts for a large proportion of customers. Insurance itself is an effective wealth management tool. Compared with the mainland insurance market, the Hong Kong insurance market is relatively mature and diverse. However, the direct sales channel market in Hong Kong’s insurance industry is small, significantly lower than the mainland insurance market and other developed countries or regions."

With the help of China's consumer finance strategy development summit, Asset pro's innovative thinking and standardized treatment methods have been highly recognized by the industry, and its title in the overseas asset allocation industry is worthy of its name. It is understood that the future Asset pro business will cover product training, new media marketing and landing services, and all-round soft services will be upgraded.