Asset pro CEO Zhu Chao: 10% of the participants in the Buffett General Meeting are Chinese

The 7th Buffett Shareholders' Meeting, sponsored by Sina Finance, was held in the evening of May 4th in Omaha, United States. The theme of the second forum at the reception was “Buffett Value Investment Management”. The guests included Yang Lu, the founder of Botong Investment, Bin Gao, vice president of Buffet Trading's Oriental Trading Company, and Chao Zhu, CEO of Asset pro . Jingwei China partner Fei Xiong served as the host.

Asset pro CEO Chao Zhu said that there were nearly 5,000 Chinese among more than 50,000 participants in the shareholders' meeting this year, and less than 1,000 ten years ago.

The following is a record of the speech:

Fei Xiong: Can you talk about your vision for the future and the growth of your company in the past few years?

Chao Zhu: Our company is very interesting. It has been turned 6 times in 2017-2018. From the first quarter of 2018 to 2019, it has doubled and nearly tripled according to the current data. We feel that we are running fast on a very lucky track. This is a concept of our past. Today, data says that there are more than 5,000 Chinese people among more than 50,000 visitors. This is my expectation for the future. My business is to help the Chinese. To invest in the world, the first step in investing in the world is actually going out. I also saw a figure that less than 1,000 Chinese came to Omaha ten years ago. From this perspective, I saw that this growth itself reflects the future development trend and places us on track.