Executives From Wall Street Investment Banks See China as the Fulcrum to Incite Global Wealth

Dan McNamara: Former Managing Director of Citibank, Co-Director of the Asia Pacific Investment Division and Member of the Global Investment Banking Operations Committee; Global Co-Head of the Financial Institutions Department of the former Nomura Securities Investment Banking Department; Global Head of the former Bank of Montreal (BMO) Investment Banking Department. He has extensive experience in global capital operations and joined the company in 2019. He is currently the Director of International Business. He studied at the famous American Georgetown University. In 1988, he obtained an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been practicing in the field of international investment banking for more than 30 years. Not only that, but he also has an enviable family and his twin sons are enrolled in prestigious universities around the world. We can't help wondering how the elites with such perfect resumes grew up? Are there any lessons we can learn?

An elite in investment banking, Dan studied finance and accounting at the Georgetown University. After graduating in 1984, he planned to continue his studies to become a lawyer. But at the time, Dan got an opportunity to be an investment bank analyst. This challenging job made him very interested in the investment field and turned around his original career plan. In the two years of working as an investment bank analyst, Dan realized that he could improve his knowledge further. To grow in his career, Dan decided to attend the world's top Penn Wharton business school and completed his MBA in 1986. When he later talked about his experience at the prestigious school, he said that there he has learned the most important lesson – the importance of team spirit. In practice, Dan realized that there is no perfect individual and only a perfect team. When the team's leader sets goals and directions, team members collaborate, complement each other and work toward the same goal. This dynamic process often has an amazing power. After more than 30 years of investment banking, he still pays special attention to teamwork.

During his career, Dan has been involved in the listing of numerous large-volume companies. During his time in Asia Pacific, he developed a close bond with China. More than a decade ago, Dan was sent to Hong Kong, the most striking financial city in Asia. During this period, he assisted China Life to complete a sensational listing project in the United States, raising a total of $3.5 billion, becoming the largest initial public offering of U.S. stocks that year. Dan, who is keenly aware of the financial market, realizes that the Chinese mainland market is rapidly emerging. There are countless opportunities and infinite possibilities in this huge market. It was because of curiosity and anticipation of China's financial market that Dan began to pay attention to the trend of this huge market early, but he still did not expect that China would quickly develop into the world's second largest financial market in just over a decade.

After working in Hong Kong for two years, Dan decided to return to the United States to reunite with his newborn daughter, but in the following years he still focused on the financial business between Asia and the United States. In 2007, after the promotion, Dan returned to Hong Kong for four years and returned to the United States in 2011 as the executive of the Calamos Investment Company. Balancing work and family – not easy, but is necessary – Dan has been emphasizing the importance of a mainstream American concept in the interview. “I have been working very hard to balance work and family. My family also fully supports my career.” Due to the nature of the work of the investment bank, Dan often needs to travel on business. It takes every family member to work together to manage family relationships. For more than 30 years, even in difficult times at work, Dan tried to squeeze in time to be with his family. Currently, Dan and his wife have settled in Chicago, while his two sons are attending a local school. In fact, as early as 1999, Dan’s wife took her three-year-old sons and went to work and live in Tokyo with him. Two years later, the family moved to Hong Kong together. When his daughter was born, they returned to live in the United States. Dan's children have lived and studied in Asian countries since childhood, and he encourages them to learn about the cultural economies of Asia and China.

In the face of Asia's rapidly growing market, Dan hopes that his children can understand the culture of Asian countries. His children learned Chinese in school. Dan thought it would help them to understand Chinese culture. When we asked if Dan was willing to learn Chinese, he smiled and answered that he hoped he could learn more of the language. However, he is very pleased that he stays busy with work that makes his heart content. His children can learn some foreign languages. “Do you think you are successful?” Faced with this question, Dan frankly replied: “I feel that I am a success.” Indeed, whether it is from his academic qualifications, work, family relationships, etc., Dan is a typical American-style elite. At present, Dan is the international business director of the Chinese global asset management platform. He said that in the next five years, he will focus more on the international development of the company and help the family to learn business development. Dan is full of expectation and admiration for our rising country and the huge market in Asia. Full of expectations for the Chinese market since coming to Hong Kong in 2001, Dan has begun to notice this gradual opening up of the Chinese mainland. After working in Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea for many years, he also understands the difference in each country's market. Many overseas investors want to enter the Chinese market, but they don't know much about Chinese culture and customs. He suggested that if you want to know China, you must come to China to live. I hope these overseas investors will come to China to have a look. Experience China's national conditions and understand China's economic situation.

He also said that he recently paid special attention to the news that Alibaba is returning to Hong Kong. "China is now at a stage of rapid development and may become the world's largest financial market in the future. Although the current financial market advantage in the United States is still obvious, I also respect it. Alibaba's board of directors believes that they will make the most favorable decision for the company." In addition to the financial market, Dan is also concerned about China's energy market. China is one of the best energy consumers in the world, and this market is also expected in the future. The current Chinese financial market is gradually merging with the world, and in the future there will be more American elites like Dan to bring resources to China. In the same year, it was the work that brought him to Asia. Later, he will introduce the Asian economy to more overseas financial elites and contribute to the development of the Chinese financial output in the world. The addition of Dan is another major upgrade of Lixiangjia Technology's ability and talented company. It is also an elite team after the former Alibaba CEO and chairman of the Jiayu Fund, as well as the former chairman of JP Morgan Chase China Investment Bank joined the company management committee as senior consultants. In the future, Dan will continue to broaden Lixiangjia's international business, enhance Lixiangjia's reputation in the international community, and help it become the world's leading Chinese global asset management platform.