Black Swan Index of Chinese Corporations (BSICC)

“Black Swan Index of Chinese Corporations” (BSICC) is the first index of its kind that systematically examines the probability and consequences of the low-frequency, high-impact extreme events that may befall on Chinese corporations in the foreseeable future.

This newly developed index consists of three major factors, (1) the financial stability index which measures the relative health and stability of a public-listed companies, (2) the brand likability index which measures the perception and reputation of the concerning brand among foreign stakeholders, and (3) the risk & vulnerability index which measures the likelihood of a company mired in certain Black Swan event and the potential consequences based on its industry, business, and previous experiences. All major Chinese corporations listed on the U.S. stock markets and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (a total of 300 or so) will be examined and data-analyzed.

Whether you are an executive in charge of a large corporation or you are an investor worrying about the safety of your investment portfolio, Black Swan Index offers you a much-needed telescope to look through the murky and turbulent moving pieces, and helps you mitigate the most devastating risks in the foreseeable future.

黑天鹅指数 为帮助中国企业在错综复杂、瞬息万变的国际局势中,更好地审时度势,未雨绸缪,资本观察的美国市场分析团队,研究创立了一套能够准确预测、衡量中国企业在国际市场上所面临系统性风险的“黑天鹅指数”体系。






Capital Watch ESG Ratings

Capital Watch ESG Ratings applies a rules-based methodology designed to measure a company’s resilience to industry specific material environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in long run. Anchoring Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural language processing with our strong team of research analysts, we rate companies on a color spectrum according to their exposure to industry specific material ESG risks and their potential mitigation plan on the risks comparing to their peers. Meanwhile, all companies are also rated based on their ESG policies, systems and measures, and multiple sources including company's publication, government data bank, media, NGOs or other stakeholders.

During the rating process, our analysts will use a specific mechanism to adjust the score of the company based on its industry. At the same time, the relative performance of the company against its peers will also be used as a benchmark to obtain a universal rating that is comparable across industries.

For institutional investors, our ESG Ratings is designed to provide more data and a consistent approach to evaluate ESG issues that affect the long-term performance of their investments, with more context to support informed decision-makings on investment. For corporations, our ESG rating scheme examine ESG governance structure to evaluate that there are sufficient and effective ESG management policies and measurement system, roadmap, internal controls, that allow the corporation to pinpoint the requirement for continuous improvement.

资本观察 ESG 评级 Capital Watch ESG 评级采用一种基于规则的方法,旨在衡量公司长期应对特定行业重大环境、社会和治理 (ESG) 风险的能力。与我们强大的研究分析师团队一起锚定人工智能 (AI)、机器学习和自然语言处理。公司根据其面临的行业特定重大 ESG 风险以及与同行相比的潜在风险缓解计划,在色谱上进行评级。公司的评级基于其 ESG 政策、制度和措施,以及包括公司出版物、政府数据库、媒体、非政府组织或其他利益相关者在内的多种来源。


对于机构投资者,我们的 ESG 评级旨在提供更多数据和一致的方法来评估影响其投资长期绩效的财务重大 ESG 问题。提供更多背景信息,以支持更明智的投资决策。对于企业,我们的 ESG 评级计划检查 ESG 治理结构,以评估是否有足够有效的 ESG 管理政策和衡量系统、路线图、内部控制,使企业能够确定持续改进的要求。